Echoes of Waves & Whispers of Peace

Where sea meets shore and calm meets core, Uluwatu weaves a tale of serenity and surf.

You are invited on a journey where balance is found on waves and within oneself amidst the iconic landscapes of Bali.

Top Rated Villas in Uluwatu: Elegance Unveiled

Luxury villas in Uluwatu present a serene backdrop against the rhythmic chorus of the ocean, close to the sacred silhouettes of Uluwatu Temple and the gentle arcs of Padang Padang Beach, crafting a haven for reflection and ease.

Experience top-rated luxury at The Edge Bali, set on a dramatic cliff with ocean views.

Delight in 5-star villas with private pools, bespoke spa services, gourmet dining, and personal butler service, all near premier attractions.

Stay at White Tortoise Eco Villas in Uluwatu for a green retreat with an outdoor pool, free WiFi, and garden.

Enjoy à la carte breakfast and a terrace with views, close to Uluwatu Temple and Suluban Beach, just 11 miles from the airport.

Relax at Amaka Villas in Uluwatu, just steps from Cemongkak and Dreamland Beaches.

Villas come with separate entrances, rooms with air conditioning, private pools, and terraces overlooking the pool. Close to Bingin Beach and Uluwatu Temple, with convenient airport access and shuttle service.

Yoga Retreats: Aligning Breath and Horizon

Bali yoga retreats resonate with the energy of Uluwatu's cliffs, where each pose and breath aligns with the vastness of the ocean, creating harmony beside the tranquil vibes of Suluban and Nyang Nyang Beaches.

This oasis is perfect for yoga enthusiasts, with its sun terrace and serene surroundings.

Savor healthy dining options and unwind in spaces designed for relaxation, all while being close to Thomas and Padang Padang Beaches.

Find tranquility near Suluban Beach in a haven perfect for yoga enthusiasts, featuring an outdoor pool, sun terrace, and healthy dining.

Enjoy Balinese-style rooms with private balconies, close to Uluwatu Temple and Dreamland Beach, for a peaceful retreat.

Perched atop a cliff, this elegant retreat offers stunning Indian Ocean views, modern amenities, and an array of dining experiences.

Unwind in accommodations with outdoor decks, and indulge in spa treatments, yoga, and fitness facilities.

Crests and Troughs: The Surfer's Haven

Uluwatu surf villas echo the pulse of the sea, catering to those who find their balance on the crest of a wave, where Uluwatu Beach and Balangan Beach become stages for the dance of surf and sea.

Savor a beachfront sanctuary with direct access to pristine beaches, panoramic sea views, and luxurious amenities.

Enjoy the comfort of a sun terrace, daily room service, and proximity to Uluwatu Temple, ensuring a memorable stay with convenient airport access.

Discover the allure of beachfront living at this serene villa in Uluwatu, boasting easy access to iconic sites like Uluwatu Temple.

Indulge in a blend of comfort and privacy with air-conditioned spaces, a private entrance, and proximity to popular beaches and cultural hubs.

Indulge in the coastal charm of this beachfront haven with stunning sea and mountain views.

Delight in amenities like a pool, open-air bath, and mini-golf. Spacious with 4 bedrooms, a terrace, and barbecue facilities, it's near Dreamland Beach.

Varied Echoes of Stay

Beyond Uluwatu and across Bali, diverse accommodations resonate with the melody of the island, offering settings where every traveler can find their rhythm.

A collection of hotels, rental homes, and business travel stays abound, from the dynamic waves of Kuta and Legian to the gentle tides of Sanur and culture of Tanah Lot.

a woman sitting at a table with a laptopa woman sitting at a table with a laptop
a man and woman in the kitchen of their vacation rental in Uluwatua man and woman in the kitchen of their vacation rental in Uluwatu
two men shaking hands in front of a pooltwo men shaking hands in front of a pool
a man in a swimming pool with a doga man in a swimming pool with a dog
a child playing in the sanda child playing in the sand
two women sitting on a deck overlooking the oceantwo women sitting on a deck overlooking the ocean

Invoke the Rhythms of Bali

Connect with the essence of Uluwatu, where each wave's caress and every sunrise salutation joins nature and self.